1965 Chevrolet G10

Year: 1965

Model: Chevrolet G10

Engine: Inline 6

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Price: $2200

Here is another awesome 60’s G10! The owner states it runs, drives and stops. It will need a little body work to clear up some rust and dents, but you were going to paint it anyways, right? Go check it out!

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1979 Dodge Trans-Van

Year: 1979

Model: Dodge Trans-Van

Engine: Unknown V8

Location: San Diego, California

Price: $2000

Here is a cool old Trans-Van 4×4. The owner states it does run, but will need some work. It looks to have some rust on the pillars, but it might be salvageable for the right person! Go check it out!

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1964 GMC Handi-Van

Year: 1964

Model: GMC Handi-Van

Engine: 6 cylinder

Location: Wesley, Arkansas

Price: $3200 OBO

Here is a solid old GMC Handi-Van! The owner states it will need to be trailered to it’s new home, but with a new carburetor it should fire right up. It does have some rust, but appears to be very restorable. Comes with a clean title!

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1969 Chevrolet G10

Year: 1969

Model: Chevrolet G10

Engine: 305

Location: Newman, California

Price: $3300

Check out this camper top G10 with a lifted bed! The owner states it is rocking a 305 pulled from a Camaro and has several other rebuilt components. Slap some paint on this bad boy and go hit the road!

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1978 Dodge Tandem

Year: 1978

Model: Dodge Tandem

Engine: Unknown

Location: Lodi, California

Price: $5000

Looking for something unique? This thing screams throwback from the windows to the wheels! Just imagine yourself rolling around in this monster; you might just be the next big thing.

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